Posted by: kurtsh | June 1, 2009

NEWS: Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference… oh… so… sweet!

image Simply amazing.  I knew some of this stuff but not nearly all of it!

  1. Microsoft opened with having Olivia Harrison, Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr in person  on stage announcing Rock Band Beatles.
    Xbox 360 Exclusive:   "All You Need Is Love" on Xbox 360 Rock Band Beatles… all proceeds go to "Doctors Without Borders".
  2. Infinity Ward came out to demo Modern Warfare 2. 
    Xbox 360 Exclusive:  Two Modern Warfare 2 map packs to be released first on Xbox Live!
  3. Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 demo! Live and on stage demonstrating the gameplay…
    Spring 2010 release for FFXIII announced on stage.
  4. Xbox 360 Exclusive:  Epic Games, creator of Unreal & Gears of War franchises, announced "Shadow Complex" their first Xbox Live Arcade game exclusively for Xbox 360… looks a lot like "Another World", one of my favorite games of old!
  5. Xbox 360 Exclusive: JoyRide by BigPark, leveraging Avatars. Looks like what HotWheels should have been. And it’ll be FREE this winter!
  6. Xbox360 Exclusive: Crackdown 2! Orb-a-licious! Being handled by development group “Ruffian” instead of “Realtime Worlds” who created the first one.  Game engine doesn’t appear to be Renderware in trailers.
  7. Xbox 360 Exclusive: AWYEAH! Valve’s Left for Dead 2! Only on Xbox 360 on Nov 17th!
  8. Xbox 360 Exclusive: Ubisoft’s Sam Fisher is back and he’s gone rogue! We’re talkin’ Dirty Harry style! "Splinter Cell: Conviction"… Xbox 360 ONLY!
  9. Xbox 360 Exclusive: Forza Motorsport 3 by Turn10… 60fps graphics engine! 400 cars from 50 manufacturers… more than anyone! Side and rear views… custom car painting, upload high def video, included video editor… shipping in October 2009.
  10. Xbox 360 Exclusive:  Halo:ODST – Orbital Drop Shock Trooper… nightvision, silenced weapon, human pistol… Interesting… in memory flashbacks, you hop from your ODST, the Rookie, to other ODSTs… like a guy named Dutch who perished.  Sept 22nd… New cooperative mode…
  11. Xbox 360 Exclusive: Previously unannounced Bungie title… HALO:REACH! Coming 2010… Special Halo:Reach Xbox Live Multiplayer BETA in each copy of Halo:ODST!!!
  12. Xbox 360 exclusive: Alan Wake… Spring 2010.  Very immersive, beautiful, and dramatic! Kinda Silent Hill-ish.
  13. Xbox 360 exclusive: Last.FM partnership! This popular service selects music that you’d like based on previous choices.  Instant access to all content for FREE later this year, through your home entertainment surround sound speakers!
  14. Xbox 360 exclusive: Netflix on-demand… improved!  Add movies directly from Xbox… and immediately play without queuing!
  15. Xbox 360 exclusive: SKY TV (European TV for soccer, sports) live streaming video for the first time to a console.  Sports and entertainment streaming live for the first time to a console!
  16. Xbox 360 exclusive: Xbox Live Video Marketplace… Video On-Demand (TV, Movies, etc.) – Now "Instant On" for all content… all content now 1080p video… rebranded to ZuneTV!
    Xbox Live Party will allow same video to be played on you and your friends Xboxes simultaneously.
  17. Xbox 360 exclusive… Facebook integration! Felicia Day producer, writer, star of “The Guild” is on stage announcing Facebook integration!  Facebook "Friend Linker" which pairs Xbox Live Friends with your Facebook Friends… view your friends and your photos.  Facebook CONNECT… post snapshots of your gameplaying directly to Facebook!
  18. Xbox 360 exclusive… Twitter! View followed twitterers.  Update Twitter from console.  Coming this fall!
  19. Xbox 360 exclusive… Metal Gear Solid’s creator… Hideo Kojima! Announcing Metal Gear Solid Rising for Xbox 360!  Featuring Raiden of the prior MGS release… not Solid Snake!
  20. Xbox 360 exclusive… “NATAL” – controller-free motion-oriented control movies/entertainment! All under the breakthrough NATAL sensor!  Motion sensive camera… facial recognition… communicate with people face to face… voice recognition!  Project NATAL will work with every existing Xbox 360 today and every Xbox in the future. Steven Spielberg onstage with Don Mattrick for Xbox 360!  Talking about NATAL experience… being put into ‘movies’.  Precision control VERY important… natural movement and control VERY important.  Facial recognition immediately recognizes and LOGS YOU IN. Avatar moves with you automatically.  current menu control just with a wave of the hand. 
    1. "Ricochet" 3D Breakout… REALLY COOL. Keeps people moving around and exercising! "doesn’t have you sitting on some couch waggling a controller with some preset waggle commands" OHSNAP!  Reacts in 3D! Will work with multiple people for competitive/cooperative games on a single console! 
    2. “Milo”  Peter Molyneux using NATAL SDK: Emotion detection in face and voice… interaction with computer character.  Passage of picture from player to computer “Milo”
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