Posted by: kurtsh | June 1, 2009

BETA: Foxit Software & Microsoft™ Active Directory® Rights Management Services (3rd party)

image Foxit PDF Security Suite beta program allows early evaluation and piloting by Windows Server and Sharepoint users.

Now available to beta customers, Foxit PDF Security Suite delivers cost effective PDF policy protection and PDF reader extensions capabilities to any business running Microsoft Windows Server® or Sharepoint® with Active Directory® Rights Management Services (AD RMS).

Enhancing the value of existing IT infrastructure investments by extending AD RMS to PDF documents is a big benefit to IT professionals. Foxit PDF Security Suite makes it easy to:

  • Protect sensitive PDF documents to prevent loss of valuable company assets (Learn more)
  • Manage AD RMS policy templates associated with PDF documents to insure regulatory compliance and corporate governance (Learn more)
  • Reduce paper handling by adding PDF document rights to enable cost-effective digital workflows using existing PDF documents (Learn more)

Foxit PDF Security Suite provides seamless integration with Microsoft Windows Server and Sharepoint (MOSS 2007) environments. Foxit’s simple software toolkit is easily deployed across the enterprise. The Foxit PDF Secure Reader is a freely available download allowing for no hassle maintenance. And all Foxit PDF Security Suite customers receive 24/7 telephone support. Premium regional support is also available.



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