Posted by: kurtsh | May 28, 2009

BLOG: “Temporary User Profiles and the Citrix ICA Client”

image_thumb_1 Saw this on the Ask the DS Team blog and I know there are a bunch of you out there that have encountered this.

Howdy folks, Scott Goad again to talk about an issue that I thought you might find useful.

I recently worked with a customer who opened a case for an intermittent profile issue. Windows XP workstations would not load the local profile, resulting in the user receiving a temporary profile. The issue seemed to happen when a user logged off and then needed to log back into the workstation, resulting in the temporary profile.

We started the usual troubleshooting steps for working on this type of profile load problems. We enabled USERENV debug logging (more on that here). The customer readily enabled the logging and proceeded to reproduce the issue. They were able to gather a problematic log along with a saved copy of MSINFO32, which grabs the processes running and their associated Process ID. This is useful to identify what process is running, which is recorded in the USERENV log. The USERENV log did show a problem:

The short version is that the inability to open a user’s profile (resulting in the creation of a temporary profile and a slow logon) may be due to the usage of Citrix ICA client and a sharing violation that it can cause.

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