Posted by: kurtsh | April 29, 2009

INFO: Office 2007 Home & Student, Enterprise, Ultimate Edition… and “Mondo”

image I’m parsing through some files on Office 2007’s CD ROM (don’t ask) and I’m examining one of the setup files content.  One of the qualifiers for the edition, along with “IsUltimate”, “IsEnterprise”, and “IsHomeStudent” includes, “IsMondo”.

…Wait.  As in, Office 2007 “Mondo” Edition?

I’m a blue badge and even I’ve never heard of this thing in any of the Office SKUs. And I’m one of those pre-sales techs that reviews all the SKUs with a fine toothed comb so this was a little distressing that there might be an edition on our price sheets that I’d somehow missed. 

But seriously.  How does one miss something called “Mondo”?  So naturally, I start searching and about the 3rd result into the search, I come up with this:

How ‘bout that?  It’s a test edition of Office that we have internally.  I’d thought of doing some digging around to get more details on what it’s purpose is but then it dawned on me that even if I did find out… it probably wouldn’t be that interesting and I probably couldn’t blog about it, so why bother?

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