Posted by: kurtsh | April 24, 2009

INFO: “Are you Certifiable?” A Silverlight game from Microsoft!

image Looks like we’ve created yet another game… this one’s called “Are you Certifiable?”

With a bit of humor, you can see that they highlight “Clippy” as one of the avatars that you can use to represent you in the game, along with some other highly recognizable pictures from Microsoft lore.

It seems to be patterned after “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” with questions that you might find on certification exams.

In fact, one of the features of the game will really “ring home” as familiar:  You have the ability to get and use vouchers that give you “abilities”:

imageThere’s apparently something like 400+ questions in the game so you’re not likely gonna “run out” of interesting challenges and get bored.  I’m kinda surprised that I hadn’t heard about this before though.

NOTE:  Top score appears to be around 30,000.

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