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REPORT: Forrester Research – “Enterprises Warming to Windows Vista”, Feb 2nd, 2009

image Published on February 2nd, 2009, Ben Gray for Forrester Research shows that Enterprise deployment of Windows Vista is steadily moving forward throughout North America & Europe.  More interestingly, the report also clearly demonstrates that neither MacOS or Linux is making bigger in-roads with shares of 3% & 2% each in the Enterprise. 

A few bulleted highlights from the report:

  • Windows Vista is “finally starting its much anticipated ramp-up in the enterprise”
    • 31% of ITDMs have already begun migration to Windows Vista
    • Nearly 10% of all PCs in enterprises run Windows Vista
    • There is considerable interest in Windows 7
  • Window XP still powers 71% of enterprise PCs but will likely be replaced by Windows Vista during natural PC refresh cycle
  • Windows 2000 is “fading fast” from enterprise landscape
  • Mac OS X maintains its niche business status but there is more interest
    • 3% Mac OS X foothold in enterprise environments
    • Forrester anticipates that IT department interest in allowing employees to bring Mac-products  into the office (mainly iPhones) will “increasingly evolve to actual pilots later this year and beyond.”
  • Linux adoption is flat at 2%, largely driven by Red Hat and Novell.

Some press coverages of the report:

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