Posted by: kurtsh | January 27, 2009

NEWS: “I have found Windows 7 a pleasure to use” – Walt Mossberg, WSJ

image “I have found Windows 7 a pleasure to use…”
– Walter S. Mossberg, Wall Street Journal


Although he focuses on how much it improves over Vista, Mossberg gives a solid review of Windows 7, amongst which he states “It’s … a serious competitor, in features and ease of use, to Apple’s current Leopard operating system.” The features receiving the greatest focus include:

  • Multitouch Screen Navigation: “[This] may eventually redefine how people user computers…. It is smart enough to distinguish between various gestures and combinations of fingers.”
  • More customizable and useful taskbar: “[Icons which]… can be “pinned” anywhere… [and] “jump lists”….”
  • Compatibility: “[A] wide variety of hardware… all worked fine.” “I.. successfully installed and used popular programs from … rivals…. All worked properly.”
  • Cutting nag dialogs: “[Notifications] are consolidated in a single icon [on] the taskbar.”

Among the downsides he points out includes the “unbundling” of what now exists as Live Services from the OS install. He felt having to download Windows Live services serves to remove out-of-the-box functionality from Windows.

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