Posted by: kurtsh | January 16, 2009

NEWS: Microsoft & CNN to Photosynth “the Moment” of next week’s Inauguration

image_thumb3 We at Microsoft will be partnering with CNN over the next few days to Photosynth “The Moment” of next week’s Inauguration. 

The below link provides some initial details on  Expect to see more information broadcasted on CNN’s special programs like “Anderson 360” and “The Situation Room” over the next few days prior and post the Inauguration.

“When Barack Obama takes the oath of office, history will be unfolding. If you are one of the millions attending the inauguration, you can help document those seconds of history through our special iReport assignment. With photos sent in by you and Microsoft Photosynth, we’ll capture the most detailed experience of a single moment ever.”

For more on “The Moment” Photosynth:

For more information on Microsoft Photosynth, visit:

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