Posted by: kurtsh | August 28, 2008

INFO: “LiveCast” – Mobile Video Broadcast & Archive

The widespread availability of next generation camera phones can provide real-time streaming of video across platforms. With onboard mega-pixel cameras and wireless Internet connectivity, the platform to enable a webcast can now fit into your pocket.

  • Think of the convenience.
    No more hauling around large laptop cases and bulky video cameras. Simply pull out your lightweight, pocket-sized camera phone and start webcasting right away. And don’t worry about how to share video clips left on your phone, your video is automatically stored on a server ready for later viewing.
  • Imagine the applications.
    To family and friends, your webcast is the hottest ticket in town. It means that no matter how far you travel, they can join in the fun as if they were there. If they miss it live, it’s available immediately on demand.

Relying on big media for breaking news is a thing of the past. Whether it’s local or world events, your webcast can make a difference.

You may be working “out in the field”, but now your live coverage of important situations lets you give decision makers back at the office a full view of the action.

Livecast’s beta service is now available for Windows Mobile 5/6.  PCs and Macs are supported through a subscribed beta program, and will soon be available in full release.

You can easily try out Livecast yourself. Simply sign up, install software on your phone and start a webcast, streaming video to the internet. We’ll always offer a free trial account, and for power users a premium features package will be available for a monthly fee.



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