Posted by: kurtsh | August 27, 2008

LICENSING: “Application Server License Mobility”

image An important new Microsoft Volume License brief, “Application Server License Mobility”, has been posted as of August 19, 2008 at

The new Volume License brief “Application Server License Mobility” is a key reference document that can help customers, partners, and the licensing community understand the details governing new rights available for certain Microsoft server products acquired through Volume Licensing.

To help customers take advantage of virtualization technologies, Microsoft is updating its software licensing policies for server applications. In 2005, Microsoft introduced licensing changes that permitted greater mobility of software.  This latest set of changes complement those 2005 enhancements, by allowing greater mobility of licenses across servers within data centers and server farms. With the changes, both licenses and software can move more freely across servers in a server farm, potentially reducing the number of licenses needed to support workloads. Effectively, the changes mean instead of counting instances or processors and licensing by server, customers are able to count instances or processors and license by server farm

This is accomplished by allowing customers to reassign licenses freely across servers within a server farm. The changes apply to software licenses for certain server applications and all external connector (EC) licenses. In these cases, the limitation on short-term (90 days or less) license reassignment is waived. This change does not apply to software licenses for the Windows Server® operating system, Client Access Licenses (CALs), or Management Licenses (MLs). This change applies only to licenses acquired under a Volume Licensing program. It does not apply to licenses acquired through other retail sources.



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