Posted by: kurtsh | July 24, 2008

DOWNLOAD: Caligari trueSpace 7.6… integrated with Virtual Earth & completely FREE!

VE_Bus3_s OMG!  Are you interested in three-dimensional modelling?

Caligari’s trueSpace, now part of the Microsoft Virtual Earth team, is now being made available completely FREE.  The whole thing:  FREE!

It includes export technology for usage with Virtual Earth (of course) as well as XNA gaming technology for Xbox Live & Xbox 360.

“…included is an export to Virtual Earth which will let you place your 3D creations straight into Virtual Earth from trueSpace. Now you can place whatever you make into real world locations in Virtual Earth and share them with others!

trueSpace also supports import from a wide variety of formats, letting you take existing objects and use them in Virtual Earth.”



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