Posted by: kurtsh | July 18, 2008

INFO: Championship Gaming Series… now available LIVE on Windows Mobile!

Well, this was a pleasant surprise.

cgslogo There is a competitive gaming organization called the Championship Gaming Series that’s been broadcast on DirecTV 101 and G4TV.  It pits teams of the best Xbox 360 gamers against each other from city to city.  Games played include: Forza Motorsport 2, Dead or Alive 4 (Two competitions – one for women, one for men), FIFA 08, and Counterstrike Source (PC).

Personally, I’m a big fan.  I love seeing the best of the best compete against each other.  The show lacks a certain polish to it being that the production quality is a little iffy, bordering on ghetto, however it nonetheless has great skilled players in it that’s very much worth watching.


If you own a Windows Mobile powered device like a Samsung Blackjack, a Verizon xv6600, a Samsung i760, or any number of devices out there with both Windows Media Player and Pocket Internet Explorer, you’re going to love the fact that you can now get it live in a stream to your device by simply doing one of two things:

1) Send a text message to 63636, with the word CGS in the body.  It will send you the URL below.


2) Go to on Pocket Internet Explorer.

You can see Headlines on the latest competitions, live video or archived video of the days competitions, recent scores, and other things.


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