Posted by: kurtsh | June 24, 2008

RELEASE: Office Sharepoint Server 2007 “Jumpstart” Kit

UPDATE – 6/25/08:
I’ve gotten, not surprisingly, a very large number of requests for this kit being that it’s not something readily available on the open market.

Folks – I need to emphasize something:  These kits are, to be blunt, EXPENSIVE.  They aren’t like other items that I get for you folks.  I can’t just order “5 copies” because you want one for each person in your department.  I can’t even get a couple copies for you and your department lead.  (For those wondering, this kit is the price of an average lunch for us.  Get the picture?  It’s cheaper for me to buy you a copy of the Sharepoint Server 2007 Resource Kit.)

The kit is pricey because it’s professionally produced and packed with 15 DVDs total:

  • The IT Professional section contains 5 DVDs as I mentioned below.
  • The End User section contains 3 DVDs including lots of on-disc video training.
  • The Marketing section contains 1 DVD full of production-ready content to advertise your new Sharepoint Server.
  • The Developer section contains 6 DVDs with tools & sample code up the yin-yang.
  • ————–
    scan0002Yeah, yeah – I know.  The picture says it’s called the “Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Resource Kit”, but that’s not what we call it here at Microsoft, okay?

    Anyway, we have this kit that’s called the “Jumpstart” because it really does contain everything needed for a new Sharepoint implementation to be jumpstart-ed.

    This is a MASSIVE collection of software tools, training, whitepapers, eBooks, evaluation software, and other assorted materials associated with Sharepoint Server 2007.  The kit is actually a box containing 4 smaller envelopes, each addressed to a specific role:

    • IT Professional
    • End User
    • Marketing
    • Developer

    Yes, the kit even comes with it’s own section on how to market your own Sharepoint site interally within your company.  The “yellow” IT Professional envelope/folder contains 5 DVDs including:

    1. scan0003DISC 1
      Deployment Essentials
      Capacity Planning Tool
      Sharepoint on Technet
      Training Partners
      Office Sharepoint Server Deployment Plan
      Sharepoint Learning Resource Website
    2. DISC 2
      Sharepoint Technical Resource DVD
    3. DISC 3
      Upgrade & Migration DVD
    4. DISC 4
      Enterprise Search Resource Kit
    5. DISC 5
      Application Templates
      Office Sharepoint Designer 2007 60-day trail

    Get the idea?  And that’s just the first folder/envelope.  It’s a massive library all in one box.

    So if you’re a customer of mine that’s responsible for your organization’s Sharepoint implementation, and you’re interested in getting one of these kits, contact me and I’ll see if I can get one for you.


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