Posted by: kurtsh | June 20, 2008

BLOG: CSO Magazine’s Apple security blogger recommends… {gulp} Windows.

imageYou can say I’m spinning this quote, but read it for yourself in the link below in it’s full context: 

“…I have just completed a report advising business users to avoid OS X.

…In examining whole disk encryption solutions (in a fair level of depth), I have found that there is no viable solution that meets the requirements of my clients. Furthermore, there really isn’t a viable whole disk solution, period…

…I’ve found myself concluding my report this morning by recommending that my business clients use {gulp} Windows.  There, I’ve said it. Somewhere out there an angel just lost its wings…

…I have a dream, that one day Apple will wake up and smell the market. Business users need whole disk encryption and advanced security features. Until Apple improves in these areas, I’ll be recommending the operating system that shall not be named.”

I never expected to see this in my RSS reader from Chad’s blog.


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