Posted by: kurtsh | April 29, 2008

BETA: “Windows Speech Recognition Macros” Technology Preview

clip_image004On behalf of the Speech Components Group, I’m very pleased to announce the initial public availability of Windows Speech Recognition Macros!

WSR Macros combines the ease of Windows Speech Recognition with the power of an XML-based scripting language.   It makes it easy to create speech interfaces to applications and perform otherwise tedious tasks with simple spoken commands.


This tool is the brainchild of Rob Chambers and has been in development for quite a long time.  Once in SCG, Rob and Onur Domanic worked on refining the functionality, fixing issues and getting the code in shape to ship.  Aziz El Ouaqid ran the test effort.

Please email with any feedback or questions.
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Here are a couple of examples WSR Macro commands:

<listenFor>What are macros</listenFor>
<setTextFeedback>Macros are cool!</setTextFeedback>
<speak>W S R Macros extends the power of my voice</speak>
<!-- Play Artist Command -->
<listenFor>play ?the ?artist [Artists]</listenFor>
<listenFor>play ?the band [Artists]</listenFor>
<listenFor>play ?the group [Artists]</listenFor>
<disambiguate title="Which artist do you want to play?" prompt="Choose an Artist" timeout="25" propname="Artist"/>
<wmpMediaControl command="pause"/>
<speak>Playing Artist {[Artist]}</speak>
<wmpMediaPlay attrname="WM/AlbumArtist" attrvalue="{[Artist]}"/>


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