This blog is dedicated to my assigned customers in the Media & Entertainment industry.  If you’re wondering why there’s no comments, it’s because I don’t permit them.

I’m sorry but this blog is not actually intended as a public resource and is more of a vehicle to allow my assigned/managed customers to get information on-demand or via eMail/RSS subscription about Microsoft-related news, events, offers, opportunities, or any other bits of information that may be valuable that I cull from within our company.

Any communication with me may be done via email or phone, both of which you, my assigned customer, should know.  I’m sorry but I do not post my contact information publicly and please do not attempt to “search for me” on the Internet if you are not one of my assigned customers.  I will not respond to public inquiries or general feedback from folks that are not my designated customers.

I am a Global Account Technology Strategist for Microsoft in Los Angeles, CA, USA.  My about.me page is here:


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